Accounting & Finance meets HR & Recruiting

There’s accounting and finance on one side of the building, with HR and recruiting on the other. The two have always been separate. Their roles are different, and the expertise they bring to the businesses they serve is very distinct. However, there is one similarity between the two that connects them both…

Many small businesses find themself with a gap in one of these roles. For example, they could use someone to lead them in HR or to serve as a CFO. Or, they may need an accountant or a recruiter to help fill a gap. The need exists, but often it doesn’t require a full-time solution – so the void remains open.

They don’t need to hire someone full-time, and finding quality part-time staff can be challenging. The result? They continue trying to stretch the resources they have to meet these needs. Owners and business leaders, who are already feeling spread thin, try to take on these additional responsibilities and the results suffer. Either they’re not experts in the areas where they have gaps or don’t have the time to take on this extra work.

Sound familiar?

At TMG Consulting, we hear stories like this every day. We work with leaders to help identify their gaps in finance, accounting, HR, and recruiting… and then we bring in fractional resources to help fill those gaps. By providing experts on a part-time basis, we’re able to support our clients, challenge the status quo, and work together to strengthen their businesses.

You may already be partnering with TMG Consulting for your finance needs but have a gap on the HR side of your business. Maybe you’ve brought us in to help you with your recruiting needs, but you could also use a fractional accountant. Possibly you’ve never worked with us and are experiencing a lack in one of these areas where we can help.

Let’s talk.

First, we’ll invest the time to understand your business, your needs, and your culture – and then we’ll connect you with the fractional resources you need to thrive!

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