Flexible, Fractional HR Services

Every business is different.

We’ve all heard it before. How many times has someone you’re working to partner with tried to put you in a box? How many times have you felt like they were trying to get you to fit their model rather than designing a model around what you want and need?

At TMG Consulting, we’re in the business of creating fractional HR and recruiting strategies tailored to your unique business needs. Tailored, as in, we create custom solutions just for you and your business. Many claim they do that... We walk the talk, offering you an experienced HR partner that allows you the time to focus on your critical business strategies.

How do we do it?

Our process begins by walking through our proven HR audit. We explore how you’re managing personnel files and HR documents, what you have in place for an employee handbook, and how you’re handling recruiting and onboarding. We also discuss things like benefits, performance management, compliance, employee relations as well as short or long-term HR projects. By bringing our outside perspective and expertise to your business, we’re able to see where you’re excelling, as well as where you have gaps.

Then, we work with you to fill those gaps, giving you the flexibility to partner with us however it best fits your business. Whether it be on a project basis, writing your handbook, filling in for a leave of absence, or being your HR partner on an ongoing basis... we’ve got you covered. We’re able to bring you these services with fractional options, protecting your bottom line and your business.


Are you at a point where you need to include HR in your business for the first time, or do you need help supporting what you already have in place? Either way, we’ll design a plan that meets the needs of your business now and in the future.

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TMG Consulting is your trusted partner who can bridge gaps in your business in the areas of finance, accounting, and HR.

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