Your Merger and Acquisition Partner

A strategic partner for businesses and PE firms focused on workflow improvement, onboarding, process integration, rollups, assimilation, team and liaison support.

When it comes to executing a successful merger or acquisition, the number of moving parts that require attention and management can be overwhelming. There are many opportunities for things to get misaligned or unravel throughout the process.

Success hinges on the details...

At TMG Consulting, we’re the partner and advisor you’ve been looking for to help prepare for these events, manage systems and create alignment along the way to ensure success. We help organizations cut through the complexity, bringing an outside perspective to the process of connecting multiple businesses seamlessly.

This includes:

  • Developing balance sheets, P&Ls, and financials
  • Compilation, Review and Audit support
  • Platform/system integrations and implementation
  • Preparing for financial reviews
  • Acting as liaison between business, PE firm, and connected vendors
  • Project and data management oversight, including access to live data technologies
  • Managerial Accounting to identify the metrics and KPIs

“TMG Consulting is a nimble business services firm that becomes an extension of your teams.”

Passionate Problem Solvers

Throughout the years of helping businesses climb out of chaos, we’ve seen and heard it all. We bring this experience, confidence, and maturity to every client relationship, helping us identify where you’re getting stuck to cutting through the tension of discussing tough issues. We guide clients just like YOU in spotting trends and predicting future scenarios, empowering you to make the best business decisions possible.

An Objective Perspective

When it’s time to make challenging business decisions, we’re committed to delivering an unbiased, objective perspective. More than just an outsourcing firm, we deliver the executive level consultation, guidance, and leadership that empowers businesses to reach their full potential and provide the clarity and confidence you need to know you are
making the right call when it counts.

Empowering Your Businesses for a Stronger Tomorrow

More than just consultants, we are partners in your businesses, striving to create long-term collaborations. Actively invested in your success, the equity we build through our close client relationships provides peace of mind that you’re in good hands. We’ll help you train your staff, understand the systems you’re converting to, and achieve next level results.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Fractional/Virtual Accounting & Bookkeeping

HR Staffing

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Financial Services

Fractional/Virtual CFO Services

Banking Relationships

Investor Presentations

Financial Cleanup

HR Consulting & Services

Fractional/Virtual HR Staffing

HR Policies/Forms


HR Documentation

Recruiting & Employee Relations

Recruiting/Selection Support

On-Boarding/Exit Process

Performance Management

Let’s get you get back to what you do best - managing and growing your business. Start the conversation.

TMG Consulting is your trusted partner who can bridge gaps in your business in the areas of finance, accounting, and HR.

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