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Why Consider Executive Group?

What can a peer-to-peer business round table do for your company? At Executive Group, we believe in a whole team approach to solving today’s business challenges. When you have support from your peers, you gain insight, avoid obstacles, and scale faster.

What Makes Us Different?

We aim to provide you with the very best level of insight and guidance designed to help foster your success. However, we do things a bit differently. Instead of providing just a single seat at the table for you, as the business owner or CEO, we welcome you to bring your leadership team with you. That is, by providing you with resources and tools for each member of your company’s leadership, you’ll gain more balance, more insight, and new perspectives. It’s all about providing you with a fresh outlook on how to grow your company.

Are You Committed to Doing Something Truly Great?

It’s a word that’s overused today, but by definition, those who become members of our peer-to-peer group are looking to do just that – they want to do something exceptional, innovative, and great. Whether you are looking for support during a challenging period or aiming for ways to expand during a good phase, this group of professionals has the insight and guidance to help you along the path with less friction and better outcomes.

Executive Group provides you with the support you need to achieve your goals. We do this through a wide range of opportunities for members. Whether it is a business academy workshop for your team or large group learning events, we’re all about giving you and your people the ability to thrive. Our peer-to-peer group forums are an extension of that, capable of providing you with hands-on support and an opportunity to help others, too.

If you’re ready to learn more about the opportunities available to you at Executive Group and gain a fresh experience, we would love for you to be a part of the conversation. It’s time to enhance the way you are building your company and our group sessions are perhaps the best way for you to achieve this goal. 

TMG Consulting has contracted with the Executive Group to start and facilitate new peer groups with new members, and is excited about the new opportunities this presents to businesses of all sizes and growth tracks.  Please contact Daryl McLinden if you are interested in learning more.

"TMG Consulting along with The Executive Group brings unique perspectives and helps to discover opportunities and a path forward for your business problems."

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