Fractional solutions for the challenges that keep you up at night.

What’s keeping you up at night?

“We didn’t need a CFO before, but now we’re at $25M, and the reality has set in.”

“We’re considering selling the business and need better reporting”

For some, it’s a lack of solid financial reporting. For others, it’s wrangling the growth of a business – what seemed unnecessary before feels essential today. You might be experiencing the pressure of your bank asking for more timely communication or encountering the uncertainty that comes without solid financial projections.

We get it because these are the real-world challenges that businesses bring us every day to solve. There’s a gap to fill, but hiring a full-time staff accountant is an investment. Hiring a full-time CFO or data analyst comes with an even higher price tag – one which many businesses can’t afford. Talent is hard to find, and at the same time, many businesses don’t actually have a full-time need. Having an accountant or CFO fill their roles on a part-time basis is more than enough to fill their current gap.

Enter TMG Consulting. We’re an alternative to hiring expensive full-time accounting and finance staff, providing full- service fractional options for the businesses we serve. We bring fractional accounting, finance, and leadership solutions to businesses – and we back up each fractional individual with a full team of experts who make one another better and our clients stronger. You may hire for one role, but you access all of us. That’s the TMG Collective.

Sleep well.

Let’s get you get back to what you do best - managing and growing your business. Start the conversation.

TMG Consulting is your trusted partner who can bridge gaps in your business in the areas of finance, accounting, and HR.

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