The Benefits of Fractional HR and Recruiting

When you started your business, you likely didn’t begin with an HR or recruiting leader on your team. In the early years, those roles fall on the owner or the CFO, until the company has grown and the pressures of these roles multiply. When small and mid-sized businesses reach this point, most don’t need to take on the expense or responsibility of hiring a full-time staff member to manage HR and recruiting. They have a gap to fill, but it can be done more efficiently.

That’s where TMG Consulting comes in. Our fractional HR and recruiting services, both virtual and on-site, are the solution many businesses have been looking for. Here are some of the benefits of a fractional HR partner…


Whether you have a project that needs attention, a leave that has created a gap, or you need ongoing support in an HR or recruiting role, we can help. Our fractional solutions are custom-designed to meet your unique needs. So whether you need help with ongoing recruiting, the hiring process, or looking to develop some HR documentation for your business, we have the expert partner you’ve been looking for.


How do you keep up with new laws and regulations? What kind of HR documentation should you have in place to protect your business and your staff? From developing the HR policies and forms you need to help you manage employee relations and performance management, let TMG Consulting’s fractional resources help you ensure your businesses’ compliance from onboarding through the exit process. Every step along the way, we’ll be here beside you.


Great candidates can be hard to attract, and finding the right people can feel challenging and even impossible, especially today. So let us take on this role for you. We’ll place the ads, manage the process, and even facilitate the first round of interviews on your behalf. We also provide fee-based recruiting services to our clients. Let us bring you the best candidates – the ones with the most experience, hand-selected to fit your culture.

Get back to doing what YOU do best...

Whether you need help finding great candidates, creating your HR documentation, or managing employee relations within your business, we can help. We’ll bring you best-in-class options for all of your HR and recruiting needs, virtually or on-site. The best part? We’ll free you up to get back to doing what you do best… Leading your business, envisioning the future, and serving your customers!

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